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Dr Adi, researcher in school ergonomic, pay his visit to SCQE. His research focus in the impact of pupil activities in Malaysia schools. We have a very good discussion in his field of research.

Our next research was proposed in impact of cost in implementing ergonomic program in school.



4th Annual General Meeting 2014

“Be United and contribute more” our theme to plan for activities in 2015. In our 4th AGM, full attendance from all the committee members. The meeting conducted on 17 January 2015, start at 9:30am-11:30am with some refreshment at SCQE office.

The meeting decide to contribute more to members for example:

Provide certificate to all member

Provide platform for member to publish their work

Provide more sharing of best practice in CQE

Open for “organization” membership


Election of 2015-2016 Committee also conducted, and the meeting unanimously selected:

Dr Jafri Mohd Rohani



Hood Atan

Deputy President


Edly Ramly

Secretary General


Affandi Bin Mohd Zainal

Deputy Secretary


Ghazalee Hashim




Dr Wan Harun Wan Hamid

Mohd Zaki Tumijan

Jemmy Mohd Rohani




We like to wish all the best to new committee. 


30 Nov 2014

KSL Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

SCQE have been invited to attend the Seminar on "Effective Management of Society" organised by Registrar of Society (ROS), Johor, Malaysia.

Certificate presentation



With all praise to Allah, Surprise achievement in 2014 for SCQE and EFR Group…  make us eager to contribute more in 2015. Well done to all our team.

We got surprise invitation to received “Productivity Specialist” from Malaysia Ministry of International Trade and Industries and presented by the Minister itself in June 2014. At the same month, Asia Productivity Organization, based in Japan… appointed me as Chief expert for Lean program and TES program. This notable appointment, boost our motivation to move forward with more programs, publications and activities to share the best practice and knowledge in productivity and quality.

For 2015, we strongly promote the themes of “BE UNITED AND CONTRIBUTED MORE”

2014 was a very tough year for our beloved nation, Malaysia. Two unexpected incidents of Malaysia Airlines, MH370 and MH17, sudden big flood in year end, and global oil price crisis that will tremendously affecting our productivity performance if we not united. Many crisis make the nation united, for example the tsunami in 2004 solved the Acheh-Indonesia crisis, and Sri Lanka internal issues.

Even in many malay proverbs or idiom such as “bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh”, united make us strong, divided we fall, “bersatu bertambah mutu”, united increase quality, “terendam sama basah, terampai sama kering” and “seperti telur dua sebandung, pecah satu pecah keduanya”.

In Malaysia national anthem we highlight that we live united and progressive (rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju). Same as well in Singapore National anthem, the chorus verse focus on .. Let us united with the new spririt (Marilah kita bersatu, dengan semangat yang baru). I believed that we can stay united if each of us always:

1.       Find the similarity and strength.

All of us have our own strength and capabilities. Respect each other even they are your subordinated or even they look poor, and lack of knowledge. In some situation they may be can be your superior (in this world or hereafter),and  they can be more happier and wiser than you.


2.       Understand the different and eliminate blame culture

Each of us have different paradigm, different profile, different intelligent, different sect (mazhab), different believed, different set of knowledge etc. Certain issues, it is good to discuss with open minded (paradigm), but not all of people can or have ability to open their paradigm, so any sensitive should be discussed in closed section or focus the lenses of discussion if it open discussion.


3.       Provide proposed solution after each critics

As human are given the ability to criticise and not feel comfortable with a lot of things. If we disagree with the things, let do the thinking and analysis, what is the recommendations and propose the solutions that have been analyse the SWOT (strength, weakness, treat and opportunity).

By that ways, InsyaAllah (with Allah blessing) we will be united and contribute more


Edly Ramly


1 Jan 2015/  10 Rabiulawal 1436

15 November 2014

Colombo, Sri Lanka

National Productivity Secretariat (NPS) of Sri Lanka, organised inaugural Lean Summit in Sri Lanka. Our Honourable Secretary have been invited to give the keynote speech on Lean Thinking and paper presentation on VSM for public sector. The ceremony was officiate by Minister of Productivity Promotion.

Minister of Productivity Promotion

Receiving appreciation from Minister of Productivity Promotion Sri Lanka, Honourable Basheer Segudawood


For Members

Develop SCQE member in their careers and entrepreneurs

For Academic

Sharing knowledge of the CQ best practices through the development of standards and reference time

For Society

Positive CQ impact in productivity and quality.