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Certified Quality Engineer/ Executive (General) – : General body of knowledge quality problem solving tools

Certified Quality Engineer/ Executive (Master) : Application on green belt project or problem solving

Certified Quality Engineer/ Executive (Expert) –: Completed annual CONTINUOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM



CQE - General

Completed 48 hours training or equivalent of six sigma green belt (Either classroom or E-Learning)

- PASS Examination (minimum 5 yellows)

CQE - Master

Minimum entry CQE general

- Submit assignment on specific industries problem solving either utilizing DMAIC or 8D

- Attended continuos training program at least 8 hours per year

CQE - Experts

Minimum entry CQE level 2 and completed at least 1 common cause project per year

- Attended continuos training program at least 16 hours per year

- All 5 greens or Annual improvement at least 1 yellow to green per years


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