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CQP International General Certificate aims to provide those making day-to-day decisions at work with a broad knowledge of quality, productivity and quality management system.


It is essential that SME Organization to have at least 4 experts in QMS while large organization should have more than 5 experts in QMS in order to ensure that the quality and productivity implications of their decisions are properly taken in to account.


The vast majority of quality issues are avoidable by Effective and Efficient quality management system; and good quality management should be recognized as an essential element og good overall management.


With increasing globalization and competitions, the need for a common and consistent standard for achieving the high quality and productivity in any parts of the world. The CQP International General Certificate will play a significant part in ensuring that this standard is higher and higher than ISO9001 requirements.


The CQP  International General Certificate has been designed to provide and appropriate breadth of underpinning knowledge for non-specialists in quality management to enable them to discharge more effectively their organizational duties  or functions with respect to quality management.


The CQP has been designed for managers, supervisors, graduates, management representatives and other who require a fundamental knowledge and understanding of quality and productivity management principles and practices. Candidates are likely to be employees of organizations already working to international standards but needing to adapt these to accord with local needs and practice

How to be certified?

CQP General Certificate 1 : Management of International  Quality Management System

Examination (2 hours)


CQP - General Certificate 2 : International Organization Processes  Quality Management System


Examination (2 hours)


CQP - General Certificate 3 : International Quality Management System Internal Audit



Elements under CQP

CQP 1 - Module 1  - QMS Awareness

CQP 1 - Module 2 - QMS General International Requirements

CQP 1 – Module 3 - Quality Leadership and Planning

CQP 1 - Module 4 - Check and Review

CQP 1 - Module 5 - Quality Documentation and Record Management

CQP 2- Module 1 - Human Resources QMS

CQP 2 - Module 2 – Insfrastructure QMS

CQP 2 - Module 3 - Sales and Marketing QMS

CQP 2 - Module 4 - Planning of product/ Service provision QMS

CQP 2 - Module 5 - Purchasing and supply chain process

CQP 2 - Module 6 - Production/ Operation/ Services Provision

CQP 3 - Module 1 Auditing the requirements – Planning

CQP 3- Module 2 Auditing the requirements – Conducting and Reporting


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