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Professional cost and quality practitioner is flourishing all over the globe. To ensure quality training, the International Society for Cost and Quality Engineer accredited cost, productivity and quality-training programs (ATP) that meet its high standards. This accreditation provides training programs, and those who complete them, with a competitive edge both in their content and stature. Getting your training program accredited or approved by the SCQE will give you credibility and expose your program to a wider network of Cost, Quality and Productivity through its listings and searches.


Application Directions

Applications for approval as an ATP program are thoroughly reviewed by SCQE staff and specially trained teams of reviewers. The timeline for approval will vary based on the complexity of the program, the availability of reviewers, and the comprehensiveness of the documentation and audit materials provided by the applicant. 

Applicants must complete all parts of the application and email all required documentation. 


Contact SCQE for detail